Delivering innovative test and repair solutions for the STB/CPE industry:

CTDI’s core engineering strength helped us to develop highly innovative test and repair programs for STB/CPE OEMs as well as service operators. Our multi unit test systems are tailor made to meet the specifications put forward by our customers. These comprehensive and system integrated test systems help us to handle high volume, low cost devices in a timely manner and delivering unmatched quality products in the industry. CTDI offers a fully integrated service model whereby we offer regional Screen & Clean, Testing, Refurbishment, Storage and Order Fulfillment. Numerous manufacturers have certified and approved CTDI's CPE operating and test systems to provide in-warranty and out-of-warranty testing and repair services. CTDI's innovative multi-device simultaneous testing systems, Gen5i STB tester, CMTx modem tester and CMTx6i ONT tester help us test and service more than a million units annually

Spare parts management
Hardware and software upgrade
Test and repairs
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Indicative product portfolio:

Cable Modem
Streaming Devices
GPON Devices