Network Services

Delivering Test, Repair, Logistics and warehousing services for 4G & 5G Technologies:

CTDI’s Network Services (NS) Division offers a service portfolio that includes innovative test systems and component level repair of 4G & 5G network infrastructure equipment for telecom carriers and OEMs. The service covers end to end product categories deployed in the Telecom network, eNodeB/gNodeB, Transport, Microwave and optical core. CTDI can work directly with the OEMs helping them to manage their warranty services or with the service operators helping them to significantly reduce their cost of running the network. CTDI’s in house engineers help us to develop innovative and highly customized test systems which helps us to deliver consistent quality services to our customers with specifications matching to industry standard

Temporary Import and Export for repairs
Test and Repairs
Forward and Reverse Logistics
Spare parts management
Temporary Import and Export

Indicative product portfolio:

3G/LTE BTS cards
Power Supplies
Test Infra
Walkie Talkies
Indoor/outdoor units