Our quality standards:

“CTDI will set the standard in quality and achieve industry-leading quality performance in the Communications Service Industry by making a commitment to continual improvement throughout the company.”

Leo Parsons, CEO & President

“Our employees throughout CTDI's global network are committed to delivering world-class quality and service to our customers by continuously improving the workmanship, processes, IT systems, engineering test systems and the level of service that sets us apart from our competition.”

Brian Parsons, COO & Vice President

CTDI is committed to the highest standards of Quality in all aspects of our business. Through our continuous improvement mindset, CTDI strives to "Set the Standard" in quality, service, technical innovation, and customer satisfaction.

As CEO, President, and COO of CTDI, we believe that a commitment to quality improvement throughout all levels of our organization is essential to the success of the company. Therefore, we firmly endorse and require that every CTDI employee take ownership of his or her own quality. Each employee is expected to adopt a mindset that he or she will meet our customer's requirements the first time, every time.

CTDI recognizes that Quality is a cornerstone of our company's long-term strategy and helps set us apart from our competitors. In supporting this strategy, CTDI's Quality Policy is as follows:

-CTDI Quality policy

CTDI strives to "Set the Standard" in quality, service, and customer satisfaction, through our continuous improvement mindset. Ownership of quality resides with each employee, therefore:

-CTDI Quality objectives

The following Quality Objectives support CTDI's Quality Policy and continuous improvement mindset:

Since our inception in 1975, quality has been an integral part of our growth and success and is a key driver of our internal performance and customer satisfaction. CTDI is committed to quality and continuous improvement, throughout all aspects of our business, as a fundamental element of our long-term strategy to service our customers.

CTDI India ISMS policy

CTDI aims to preserve the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information involved in the activities of Repair & Refurbishment services for used electronics.

CTDI is committed to:

Date: 24-Mar-2024

Suresh Kalburgi Shankar

CEO - India.

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