IT & Networking

Delivering Test, Repair, maintenance and installation services for IT infrastructure equipment:

CTDI’s IT & Networking Division serves a majority of the IT infrastructure OEMs of the world. We offer a range of technical repair services for ICT products. Our end to end, customized solutions include break fix repairs which cover L1 and L2 with lower complexity to Chip level repair which covers L3 and L4 in controlled environments meeting the industry standards for quality. Additional services like cosmetic reconditioning helps our customers to extend the lifecycle of the products. CTDI’s, IT system integrated, multi unit test systems offer our customers an effective way to handle warranty management during the RMA process. Our test systems utilize best of the breed diagnostic and test tools available directly from the CPU manufacturers making it a foolproof test system delivering best in class quality services. Our facilities have the most advanced technology BGA and X-Ray system providing >98% yield in chip replacements.

CTDI has a PAN India field force presence helping us to provide a bouquet of after market services including IT asset management services, AMC, installation services and manpower deployment services

Forward and Reverse Logistics
Asset Management Services
Installation and AMC Services
Manpower Deployment Services
Test and Repairs
Full Unit Refurbishment

Indicative product portfolio:

POS and Handheld devices
Managed and unmanaged switches